It’s Time to Stop Losing Web Visitors

Does your website just sit there, letting visitors come and go without converting them into new patients?

With LiveChat, you can quickly engage with web visitors – before they leave – to ensure they get the information they need to choose you as their dentist. That means fewer missed opportunities and more new patients.

Real Operators Offering Real Conversations

LiveChat, powered by Ngage, is a live chat service that uses highly trained human operators who talk with your prospective patients online to answer questions, gather contact information and help schedule appointments. When a visitor arrives to your website, a chat window appears and a real human begins a real conversation to help the prospective patient become a new patient.

Deliver Amazing 24/7 Support

In fact, LiveChat is a low-cost way to quickly expand “your team” with additional operators who work after hours and weekends to talk with prospective and current patients. Our operators chat in English or Spanish and help you demonstrate your commitment to superior patient support. Imagine the impression you make when a real person asks your prospects, “How can I help you?”

Engage on Web, Mobile and Social Media

Your website is not the only place to chat with prospective patients. You can set up LiveChat on your:

  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Text messages
  • Directory listings
  • Facebook page

Now you can engage your prospects wherever and however they see your marketing communication.

About Ngage

LiveChat is powered by Ngage, a live chat software and operations company owned by Internet Brands. Ngage’s live operators have handled 10 million chats since their founding 10 years ago.

LiveChat Features

For nearly a decade, large businesses have used live chat to increase web conversions. Now, live chat is affordable for dental practices of any size with features that include:

Live transfer

This real time feature allows us to transfer all chats to your phone line, so you can instantly connect with a potential new patient.

Spanish chat

Nuestros operadores altamente capacitados hablan español con fluidez. {Our highly trained operators speak fluent Spanish.}

Immediate delivery & text message notifications

Once our operators conduct a chat, information that we capture is immediately delivered to you (and anyone on your distribution list) via email. You can also elect to have LiveChat notify you via SMS text message.

Facebook messenger integration

LiveChat can integrate directly with the Facebook messenger feature on your practice’s Facebook page.


See the results of live chat and your marketing with easy-to-read analytical reports.


With LiveChat’s “text us” option, visitors can reach your practice directly from mobile devices.

24/7/365 chat

Our service is operational every hour of every day of the year.

Instant callback

This feature will call your phone line as soon as the chat is completed and delivered. You also have the option to only receive certain calls based on selected key terms.

Improved conversion rate & ROI

LiveChat makes your site dynamic and interactive, so you can double your conversion rate and maximize the return from your web presence.

Automated email/text functionality

Let a prospect know that you’ve received their chat inquiry and will contact them soon.

Let us show you how it works.

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